We have hundreds of colors & textures to choose from including: 
Glossy, Metallic, Clears, Flats, Veins, Hammer tones, Glitters, Wrinkles, And MUCH, MUCH more...

The powder coating process uses finely ground particles that melt and fuse onto the part when placed in the oven to cure. Unlike solvent-based wet paint, you cannot change the powder coating formulation in any way. It cannot be lightened or darkened by adding another powder or tint. You must use it as it is formulated from the supplier.
​Many Restoration colors are often available. 
Custom match colors are also available. 
Bring us your color chip and we will have one of our suppliers match your color.  If you are interested in having a custom color produced, please Contact Us for more information.  WE CAN DO IT.


 At St.Clair Coatings, we have a large inventory of in-stock colors to choose from. We'll help you determine the correct color choice for your job. 
Special order colors are also available. Stop by our showroom and browse through our extensive selection of color charts. 


Click tabs below to view some of the available color samples:

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